Fresh Exchange


Fresh Exchange, I have to be honest, is the one place in Union Station that I’m not really excited about. It’s an average sandwich shop. I get that they want a range of offerings in the station, it shouldn’t all be “high end”, that makes sense. And I get that they want non-chain places. But the other “basic” offerings – the burger place, the coffee shop, the ice cream parlor, all have something a little bit special and cool about them. To me this doesn’t, sorry :(. But if you want a quick sandwich in Union Station, you can get it here!

Inside Fresh Exchange

Inside Fresh Exchange


Web site

Yelp review

Fresh Exchange is the only establishment in Union Station that has no web site or Facebook page, maybe that says something!


If I wanted a sandwich within a block of Union Station, I would be more inclined to go to the Tattered Cover (the main one on 16th and Wynkoop) or to the Smiling Moose Deli, on Wynkoop between 16th and 15th. Or to the Protein Bar on 16th and Wynkoop for a wrap. More on those on this site in due course!

If you have a different impression of Fresh Exchange, please let me know!


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